Art by Nouri Flayhan @ The Arabic text says “We will not leave.”

The year 2021 and what used to be the land of Palestine is shrinking by the day. Today, Palestine means the State of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). A partition was decided by the United Nations (UN) as the Partition Plan in 1948, heavily influenced by the Zionist lobby beforehand. A partition violated ever since 1967, with the defeat of Arab armies by Israel within a week. Extremely sensitive topic in history for an entire Arab generation but above all a tragedy for the Palestinians.

According to the UN, this territory consists of the Gaza Strip and the…

Reporting on the events in Sheikh Jarrah, Al Aqsa, the Gaza Strip and Tel Aviv by numerous governmental figures, influencers and major news outlets start the story with Israel having to react to Hamas throwing rockets.

This post aims to shortly dissect the stages leading up to the pretext for Israel’s “self-defense” while being the colonizer of Palestine, occupier of the Palestinian Territories and oppressor of Palestinians in general.


Since 1948, Palestinians have been witnessing ethnic cleansing by the then newly created State of Israel. From June 1967 on, Palestinians have been…

I initially wrote part of this post for an ex-employer who dismissed it altogether as ‘sounding like someone that experienced a tragic event.’ That was me, the someone who experienced a tragic event and was tasked to write about it that same month. I post it here, slightly edited, because I believe the content remains relevant 9 months later. Even though the glass has been cleaned and buildings repaired, myself, and so many around me in the city, still freeze with each loud sound.

[written on 21 August 2020] An average 22 year-old Lebanese today has family members able to…


7AM — I wake up to check whether electricity has come. I look from the balcony wishing to see the determining light off. Of course not, the generator is on. This means a day of concessions. Just with the arrival of sweaty temperatures. I guess I will start the washing machine before it becomes too hot to work without AC. I also meant to shower with warm water, but never mind.

7AM to 8AM — Don’t open the news. Don’t check social media. Pretend this is Europe where breaking news refers to whatever is happening in the Middle East and…

Countless reports will tell you the country is facing an unprecedented multifaceted crisis. The United Nations says so. The World Bank. Other NGOs. The people. Living here, you don’t need to read the reports nor follow the news. Rising poverty is obvious, and it has been for well over a year.

You can tell from the anxiety people reflect into their driving, parking, walking, talking. Hanging in the air. Increased people in the streets begging, at least it seems. More children going through the trash too. It seems, or do is it my own exaggeration? Doing groceries means discussing and…

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has become known internationally for his dictatorial rule whose regime has violated — and continues to violate — numerous human rights of Syrians. In-depth and comprehensive reports have been issued by international organizations, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and Sweden are exploring ways to prosecute through their national courts, on the basis of universal jurisdiction, those responsible for grave violations of international law in Syria, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Despite the commonly accepted statement that the current Syrian regime — the same regime that…


Collection of daily observations & conversations. Typically from Beirut and around.

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